Enable Market on Android Emulator

For the last two days, I’ve been trying from installing Android on my Samsung i900 phone to setting up an Android Emulator on my Windows 7 laptop. I even almost make my decision to buy an Android smartphone. But eventually, all I want is to try out Android amazing apps in Android Market. That’s all because of no listing available to normal PC browsers. And the standard Android Emulator doesn’t contain the Market.

Finally, I found a way to run Market on Android Emulator. It’s actually easy but a little bit tricky – to replace standard Android SDK system.img with a developer image from HTC developer website. I will show you now.

Step 1. Install Android SDK on your OS. I did this on my windows 7.

Visit Google Android Developers at http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html and download the SDK installer.


Then you need to first download SDK packages. When you start the SDK manager, it will prompt to download or update SDK packages. Just follow the instruction. It will take a while because about 800M data need to be downloaded totally, including all SDKs from Version 1.5 to 2.2.

Step 2. Create a Virtual Devices.


Choose a target system of Android 1.6. Because on the HTC developer website, only 1.5 and 1.6 system images are available to download.

Step 3. Download HTC Developer system image.

Visit the website: http://developer.htc.com/adp.html and scroll down to section“Download the Image Packages”. Download the one I marked in the screen shot below.


Step 4. Copy system.img to your virtual device folder.

Extract the system.img file from the downloaded zip file. Copy it to your virtual device folder – located in <username>/.android/avd/<avdname> . By default, Android Emulator will load a default system.img from SDK folder. But when you copy your downloaded system.img to the AVD folder, it will use this one.


Finally, start your virtual device and setup your personal account if it’s the first time using the virtual device. Then you will see the market on the “desktop” of your Android.


It’s really cool because I don’t need to buy an Android phone just for try out apps. Just enjoy it.


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