Google goggles, Visual search, amazing

Visual search, amazing, I knew it was a missing functionality in the world 3 years ago. I tried to figure out how to realize it and now, it comes with google goggles.

Today at Google’s Search event, Google has launched a new application for Google Android mobile phones that will allow people to search for more information about a famous landmark or work of art simply by taking a photo of that object. The announcement came along with Google Real Time Live search.

Google Goggles can recognise books, tourist attractions, famous paintings and even company logos. Focus your phone’s camera on an object, and Google compares elements of that picture against its database of images and will point you to the relevant results.

What’s more is the Google is able pinpoint the location of the phone user through the GPS software and digital compass built in to many of the phones that run Google’s Android operating system. The company says it can recognise tens of millions of objects and places.

It is here:


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